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Electrolysis Apparatus, Brownlee type

One of chemistry's classic experiments is the electrolysis of water to generate hydrogen and oxygen. Adding a few drops of dilute sulfuric acid to the water will increase its conductivity and make the reaction proceed at a higher rate. There are other electrolysis experiments that can be performed with the Brownlee apparatus. (Click here for more information & Experiments...)

Brownlee Electrolysis Apparatus - New Design
Two test tubes are held in place over the electrodes with clip supports, making it easy to collect H2 and O2 from electrolysis of water.

• PVC support is highly resistant to acids and other common electrolytes.
• Binding posts for easy connection of wires to the electrodes.
• Tubes are graduated for easy measurement of gas volume.
• Platinum foil electrodes resist corrosion by most substances.

A beaker of 800 mL size can be used to hold electrolyte solution. You can order the apparatus either with or without the 800 mL beaker.

#C4992 - Apparatus Only -
WITHOUT Beaker....$72.50

Reg. price $77.50
Ship wt. 2 lbs


Electrolysis apparatus with 800 mL beaker
#C4992B - Apparatus WITH Beaker.......$79.50
Ship wt. 3 lbs.


#C4992E - Spare Pt Electrode ONLY....$30.00 ea.
This is a spare platinum foil electrode for the Brownlee Apparatus, New Design.  Price per ea.  Electrode only;  apparatus not included.

Ship wt. 3/4 lb


Click for larger image

Brownlee Apparatus - Regular Design

#C4990 - Apparatus WITHOUT Beaker...........$67.50
Reg. price $71.35
Ship wt. 3 lbs.


C4990B - Apparatus WITH Beaker................$74.50
Ship wt. 4 lbs.


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Q:  Can I re-fit this unit with custom electrodes (e.g., replace the Pt with stainless steel or graphite)?

A:  We've actually had several people ask about this.  The Brownlee has its own, special electrodes.  Other electrodes that we sell will not fit this unit.

If you need to use  different electrodes (e.g., graphite), you'd probably have to fabricate a new apparatus from scratch yourself.   We do not know how you'd accomplish this.