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North America and several other areas (Taiwan, Chile, Philippines, South Korea, Japan) use NTSC.  

European and Australian users will need the PAL version.  Please contact us to order.

Q:  Which is the better way to attach this camera to a microscope?

A:  If your trinocular microscope has a C-mount tube, we recommend that.  It is the preferred method to attach the Bio-VID.  

If your trinoc does not have a C-mount adapter, or if you have a binoc / monoc scope, you must use the lens-to-eyepiece attachment.  This still works well but is a bit more cumbersome.

Q:  How do I know if my trinoc tube has a C Mount?

A:  The tube will be threaded around the outside and have an outside diameter of about 25 mm.  The actual thread size is 1"-32. 

CR Scientific

Bio-VID Camera for Microscopes

Take color pictures and video with your trinocular microscope.  Attaches via a C / CS mount.  If you have a binocular or monocular microscope with a 23mm eyepiece tube, you can attach the BioVID using adapter MVP-ADAO-ETMC (available separately).

The Bio-VID HD camera has HDMI and USB outputs so you can connect it to a high-def TV or a monitor that has HDMI input.  This will allow you to save images / videos directly to an SD card.  Then, later, you can process the images or videos on a Mac / Windows / Linux computer.

USB output allows connection to a Windows or Mac computer that can run the included software.

Opthalmologists & optometrists:  you can attach the Bio-VID directly to a slit lamp for prediagnostic exams.

Specs & Features:
• 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution
• HD Video @ 60 fps (HDMI) or 30 fps (USB)
• 12 watts max.
• USB and HDMI outputs
• 1/2.8" Sony IMX236(C) color CMOS sensor
• SD Card slot
• UL / CE approved power adapter
• Auto-switching 120/240V AC power input;  12V DC @ 1A output

BioVID color CMOS camera

Connectors of BioVID
Height:  3.6 inches (92 mm)

Length:  2.8 inches (70 mm)

Width:  3.1 inches (78 mm)

Weight:  1.03 lbs (470 g)

Camera Control Panel:  attach USB mouse (not included) directly to camera.  Move mouse pointer to left side of screen on your HDTV or other HDMI-compatible monitor. 

The Control Panel has settings for Gain, RGB, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, etc.

Q: Can I capture still images on a computer with the Bio-VID HD?

A: Yes, with the included software for Windows / Mac.  Linux users, your OS has native screen-capture ability from the command line. 

Bio-VID HD 1080+
1920x1080p video with SD card and HDMI, USB outputs
1/2.5" color CMOS sensor
30 fps (USB) or 60 fps (HDMI)

# BVC-1080-CMT3



Bio-VID with 11.6" 1080p color TFT LCD screen
# BVC-1080-TVK3


Please note:  appearance / color scheme may vary somewhat from photo.  Microscope, eyepiece tube adapter, and computer not included.


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