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CR Scientific

Every lab should have at least one centrifuge.  They are very useful for separations in analytical work.  They are also ideal as part of any small-scale protein purification, such as catalase experiments in the classroom.


USA Universal
• Choose from 8-place fixed angle rotor or 6-place swing-out rotor
• Variable speed control
• Auto-off 30-minute timer
• Runs on 110/120 or 220/240V - auto switching adapter!
• Includes eight 15-mL tube sleeves
• Programmable digital time and speed
• Will accept standard 15 mL centrifuge tubes
• Rubber non-slip feet
• Locking lid is impact-resistant & transparent
• Safety shut-off switch in lid
• 1-year materials & workmanship warranty

USA Universal Centrifuge

Centrifuge use and safety tips are available on their own page.

  Length & Width: 14.5 inches

Height: Maximum height 10.65 inches

Weight: 11.6 lbs

800 to 3300 rpm programmable;  you can select any speed using the digital touch-pad controls.

Zero-rpm locking lid for added safety.

USA Universal Centrifuge with 8-place Fixed Rotor

(MSRP $ 619 )


Comes standard with 8-place angled rotor.

USA Universal Centrifuge with 6-place Swing-Out Rotor

(MSRP $ 795 )

Ultra 8 Digital Centrifuge

The Ultra 8 series (Ultra 8V, Ultra 8S, Ultra 8 Digital) have been replaced by the new USA Universal 8-Place centrifuge
(please see above).

From time to time, we may have refurbished Ultra 8 centrifuges available.  Please call or email if interested.

Lead Time on centrifuges is typically 3-5 business days.

Looking for centrifuge tubes? 12 x 75 mm test tubes will work in the smaller inserts. Standard 15 mL centrifuge tubes (glass, unmarked) are also in stock.


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