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Charcoal for blowpipe analysis of minerals

If you're familiar with Pough's Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals or Smith's Identification and Qualitative Analysis of Minerals, then you'll know that charcoal is useful for qualitative analysis of minerals. 

There are several old-time science lab tests that rely on charcoal;  the charcoal may act as a support, a reducing agent, or both.

These charcoal pieces are irregularly-sized and shaped.  However, each piece should have at least one reasonably-flat face that's suitable for fusion tests, blowpipe analysis, etc.  Sizes vary, but most of these are at least 1" wide and a couple inches long, which is good for the typical assay.  Some pieces will be quite a bit larger than that. 

This is real charcoal with no clay binders.  You could probably make your own, but this saves you the time, hassle, and most of the mess.  (Charcoal smudges almost everything;  dress accordingly.)

Package of two charcoal pieces, with a small sheet of instructions.

#CHAR01 ..... $4.95


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