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CR Scientific

How To Contact Us

Please feel free to email us with your questions. 

Our email address is shown in the picture below.  It must be manually typed into your email client:

our email address

Please DO NOT EMAIL CREDIT CARD NUMBERS.  Email is not a secure means of communication.  It's like a postcard - anyone along the delivery route can read the contents of your email.  

Once again, please do not send credit card numbers by email.  We can accept credit card orders through our secure shopping cart.

If you've tried emailing us but didn't get a reply, your Internet Service Provider may be blocking our emails.  This may be happening because so many spammers have faked our email address over the years. 

If you don't get a reply, please email again and let us know!

Please also check your "bulk mail" or "spam" folder for messages that have been tagged [SPAM] in the subject line. 

Bogus Email Alert:  You may at some time have received emails that purport to be from the above address but try to sell you pharmaceuticals, replica watches, get-rich scams, etc.   These emails are not from CR Scientific.

Spammers often utilize viruses and worms as part of the spam generation process.  These malicious programs routinely falsify email headers and sender addresses.  

We have received many spam emails that pretended to be from our own address!  


We have discontinued the land-line, as most correspondence was already conducted by email.   It's possible that in the future we may re-institute the landline; this will depend on what you, the customer, want.  Up until now, the phone was an expensive drain that was doing little else but enriching the phone company, since we were already corresponding with most of you by email.

If your organization needs to place a phone order, please email us with your contact number, and we may still be able to arrange a call-back.

Please indicate which item(s) you would like to order, and we can check stock on them.


We haven't had fax service for a while;  most applications that call for a fax can be handled by email.  


Please also see our Order Info page.

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Ordering information
Terms of Use


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