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Willemite & Calcite pendant in sterling silver wirewrap. Some non-fluorescent pyroxene ("zinc schefferite") is present as well.  Cabochon is teardrop-shaped.

Size of stone is about 21 mm wide by about 38 mm high (roughly 1 1/2 inches tall).
Treatments: None.
Origin: the rough material came from Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, New Jersey. 
Special Properties:  The willemite fluoresces bright green and the calcite red in short-wave ultra-violet light:
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This is a unique piece you're unlikely to find in any store. 

#CT1085. Willemite & Calcite Pendant........$42.95
(Chain Not Included)

Each cabochon or piece of jewelry is a unique item. The one shown in the picture is the same one that's for sale.  Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

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