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CR Scientific

24/40 distilling glassware set

All-Glass Distilling Apparatus, 500 mL.
Includes:  500 mL round-bottom flask (1 pc.);  500 mL Erlenmeyer flask (1 pc.);  Graham condenser 200 mm (1 pc.);  Transfer adapter (1 pc.);  Glass stopper (1 pc.).  High quality, good fit. 

Please note:
  Picture shows a Florence flask, but the sets currently come with an Erlenmeyer instead.

Price: $125.00
Ship. wt. 6.5 lbs

Graham condenser has a high internal surface area and is very efficient, but it requires vertical orientation due to "corkscrew" design.  Large height differential may require construction of riser or support to elevate one of the support stands.  (Stands and clamps sold separately).

Modular setup allows use of other 24/40-jointed glassware (sold separately) such as Vigreux column, plain column, addition funnel, and so forth.

This type of apparatus, when set up appropriately, allows for making small batches of distilled water;  separating liquids of different boiling points;  or recovering essential oils from fragrant flowers, plants, or spices.  

If using an open flame as a  heat source, don't forget to use a sand bath or similar heat-diffusing method.

IMPORTANT:  It is your responsibility to uphold chemistry as the honorable and wholesome endeavor that it is.  We reserve the right to cancel orders we deem suspicious in any way.
By placing an order, you indicate binding agreement to our Terms of Sale / Terms of Use.  Please check them periodically for updates and amendments.

Texas residents please also read this

Replacement Parts

h adapter 24/40

Adapter, "h" shape connecting, 24/40......................................$32.95
Sometimes called a transfer distilling adapter.
Ship. wt. 1.6 lbs.


500 mL Flask 24/40

Flask, 500 mL, 24/40.............................$22.95
Picture is an example only;  right now we don't have the pear-shaped.  This item from now on will be traditional round-bottomed design (i.e., spherical) or Florence type (round with flat bottom).  If you have a preference, please call ahead before ordering to make sure we have that type in stock.


200mm Graham condenser 24/40

Graham Condenser, 200 mm jacket, 24/40...........................$42.95
Ship. wt. 1.6 lbs.



Stopper, glass, 24/40.....................$9.95


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