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Proper Heating of retorts and other glassware - please click here for a free article with reminders and safety tips.

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Glass Retort
, borosilicate glass, with ground glass stopper.
Here it is: the elusive chemist's retort. Long a symbol of chemistry itself (and of its predecessor, alchemy), the retort's basic design dates back to ancient times. No chemist should be without a retort to decorate the laboratory!
The retort was used for distillations, sometimes in conjunction with an additional condensing coil (depending on what was being distilled). Early textbooks had experiments that made considerable use of the retort.  
The retort's long spout acts as an air condenser.  Although the retort fell out of use after the invention of the water-jacketed condenser (Liebig, Graham), it remains useful for some applications.

• Wear safety goggles and follow appropriate precautions.

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Currently the 500 ml is the only size available.

Glass Retort, 500 mL
, borosilicate glass, with ground glass stopper. Same style as the 250 mL retort.

500 mL glass retort..........$56.95
Ship. wt. 2.2 lbs.




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