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Borosilicate tubing
Tubing, Glass, Borosilicate

Update 11/2015

Borosilicate glass tubing is temporarily unavailable.  This may become a permanent condition;  if we are able to get more borosilicate tubing, this page will be updated accordingly.

Flint glass tubing in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12mm is still available, though we do not currently stock every size.  If you need to order glass tubing, please email us

Tubing Cutter

Cutter for glass tubing
Best for smaller sizes of glass tubing (< 8 mm O.D.)  Press device jaws together against tubing;  rotate cutter around tube while squeezing with moderate pressure.  Don't crush it into the glass-- press only enough so the wheel can scratch  the surface.  A deep scratch is obtained gradually by repeatedly turning the cutter / tube.  Wear safety goggles and gloves.
A few rotations and the tubing should be scored enough to give a neat, clean break (wrap tubing in a cloth before snapping).  
Score-and-snap method works well for small dia. tubing but is not recommended for large dia. (10+ mm).

Ship. wt. 1/2 lb.
#C2400. Glass tube cutter..............$11.99


* Never heat a tube that's been sealed at both ends; it could explode and send glass fragments everywhere. There must always be some vent for expanding gases to escape.

Safety Goggles
Tubing, Crown / Flint Glass

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Important: Wear eye protection while working with glass tubing.  Keep bystanders away.  To lessen the danger of painful accidents, wear heavy canvas or leather gloves while heat-bending glass tubing or trying to insert it through a stopper.

Terms of Sale / Use

Shipping Note:
Small items (e.g., tubing cutters, stoppers) usually ship in the same box with the glass tubing.

Larger items (e.g., filter flasks) usually must ship in a separate box, unless we use an oversize package.

Multiple boxes or oversize packages can incur additional shipping charges that are not listed in your shopping cart. (If you order $50 or more of merchandise, we'll absorb the extra shipping cost)

Safety Goggles

Click here to for safety goggles