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CR Scientific

We wanted to offer an inexpensive magnifier that works acceptably well for field use, but it wouldn't be a shame if you accidentally lost it. 

These magnifiers should fit the bill.

They say "Triplet" on them, but they're not.  Once you get past the incorrect label, you're looking at a thick, single-element lens.   Obviously, it's not up to the optical quality of the Belomo, but at roughly one-third the price,  it's worth having a couple of these cheap hand lenses for your next collecting trip.

We like these "imitation triplets" just fine for field collecting.  The only major  issue is quality control, and we've solved that for you.  We cull out any of the obviously bad ones (having e.g. blurring in center of lens),  so expect to get a usable loupe.  

(No, you probably still can't grade diamonds with it.)

Fig. 2.  The 10x "Faux Triplet"
... a singlet, but the image quality is not bad.

10x / 21mm "Faux Triplet" Loupe
with single lens element................$11.95 each

Repeat:  This is not a Belomo loupe.   It is not even a genuine triplet.  It is a 21mm single-element magnifier that was incorrectly labeled a "Triplet" by the manufacturer.   However, we find this little magnifier quite useful, and hopefully you will too.   With the bad ones culled out, you'll get a very usable 10x loupe.

Lanyards: sold separately (please see below)

Lanyard................$2.49 each

Clips onto the upright post of the loupe (sold separately, above) so you can carry it around your neck on field trips, etc.  Strap is 3/8" wide.   We have Black and Royal Blue.

These lanyards will work fine for any loupe of similar construction. 

Royal Blue lanyard    $2.49 ea.


Black lanyard  $2.49 ea.


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Carry Case / Pouch:   these loupes are packed in a small plastic box with a slip-fit lid; however, we don't currently have any other pouches or carry cases for them.   Many customers use the lanyards that we sell (pictured above) to carry their loupe.

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