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CR Scientific

The Mi-5 Lab Microscope replaces the M2 and M5 professional laboratory microscopes.  It is the top of the LW Scientific line.

• 40x / 100x / 200x / 400x / 1000x total magnification
PLAN optics come standard!
• 30-year anti-fungal coating
• Rotating headpiece
Super-wide 30 mm eye tubes for larger field of view
• Now with LED illumination
• Mechanical stage w/ coaxial drive controls
• Fine & coarse coaxial focus
• Lifetime manuf. warranty
(excludes bulbs and fuses)

Shown here: M5 Labscope
Weight:  19.5 lbs (9 kg)
Height:  16 1/2 inches (42 cm)
Length:  10 5/8 inches (27 cm)
Width:  7 7/8 inches (20 cm)
Power:  Automatic switching,
will run on 90 to 240 V at 50 to 60 Hz.

Your Mi-5 Lab Scope comes with dust cover;  blue, green, and yellow filters;  immersion oil;  warranty card; spare 2 amp fuse;  spare 12V halogen bulb;  and manual.

We also offer the complete range of accessories for the Mi-5 Labscope: phase contrast kits, extra objectives, darkfield condensers, and more. If you want to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact us for info.

On-line ordering available soon!

The M5 Lab Scope is a light-transmittance (biological) microscope. If you're looking for a microscope to view gemstones, minerals, fossils, stamps, or similar items, please have a look at the Z2, Paragon, or Achiever stereo inspection microscopes.

If you're looking for a high quality research microscope in a somewhat lower price range, check out the Revelation III. If you want a student-grade scope and are looking for high quality at even lower prices, please have a look at the Observer IID or the Observer III / IV microscopes.


    Revelation III microscope
    Stereo Inspection scopes
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