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Important:  Fluorescent minerals require a special ultraviolet lamp to view them (normally, a short-wave UV lamp).  It's worth it to get a good lamp.

The color response of your computer's monitor may not be the best representation of the photographs. The colors shown in the photos, at least as they appear on our office monitor, are the most accurate representations we were able to capture with the limitations of the camera.

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6-piece Short-Wave Fluorescent Minerals,
TN to Miniature size.  Franklin and Ogdensburg, NJ.

Mini-assortment of 6 short-wave fluorescent mineral specimens.  This one includes a couple of rarities.  Most are numbered individually for ease of identification in daylight.

Picture shows the specimens in short-wave UV. 

Starting from top (left to right): 

1.) Fluorapatite (fl. deep orange SW) with Willemite (fl green) and Calcite (fl red-orange).  Franklin, NJ.
2.) Sphalerite (fl. orange and blue SW, MW, LW) w/ Willemite (fl. green SW).  Franklin, NJ.
3.) Bustamite (fl. red SW), Clinohedrite (fl bright orange SW), and Willemite (fl. green SW) - Franklin, NJ.
4.) Prehnite (fl. pastel peach SW) with Xonotlite (fl. blue-violet SW), Willemite (fl. green SW), and Hyalophane (fl. magenta SW).  Franklin, NJ. 
May also contain some Nasonite (fl. grayish-mustard SW).  Franklin, NJ.
5.) Willemite, "gemmy" variety (fl. green SW) with Calcite (fl. red-orange SW).  Ogdensburg, NJ.
6.) Calcite (fl. red SW) with Willemite (fl. green SW) in rhodonite and andradite (NF). Franklin, NJ.

Please note that this set requires a short-wave (SW) lamp (not included) to see the colors.  Regular "black light" (LW) will not work for most of these, with the exception of the sphalerite.

Specimen sizes range from about 1 1/8" (prehnite / xonotlite) to about 2 5/8" (gemmy willemite) across max. dimension.  The bustamite / clinohedrite is about 2 1/4" max. dimension.

Ship. wt. 1.8 lbs

#F663 ... SOLD

Fluorescent Minerals Bulk Lot - Franklin, NJ. (#F641)

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Here's a bulk or wholesale lot of short-wave fluorescent minerals, approximately 15 pounds, including willemite, calcite, hardystonite, and microcline.  There are also non-fl. minerals including rhodonite, franklinite, andradite, and probably others.  Some of these may need trimming. 

Sizes:  Ranging from about 2" to about 5" across.

Ship. wt.:  16 lbs

#F641..... SOLD

Shipping cost on this lot is a flat $14.75 in the USA.

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Fluorescent minerals require a special lamp to view the colors you see in the photos.  Most of the specimens shown above react to short-wave ultraviolet (SW UV or "UV-C"), which has a wavelength of 254 nanometers.


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