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Mineral Tack

This is the "white tack" or "gray tack" favored by many collectors of miniatures and microminerals.  It temporarily holds mineral specimens and other small collectibles to plastic boxes, acrylic bases, etc. 

Removable & reusable.  Does not leave the heavy, oily residue associated with other types of tack.* 

Not sold by weight, but a package typically contains 70 to 75 grams of tack. 

Appearance of package may vary somewhat from photo, but you will receive a length of tack approx. 5.5" to 5.75" and consisting of six individual strips of tack. 

 mineral tack

Mineral Tack............$8.50 / pack


Once again, tack is grey, not blue.

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*All types of mastic / tack leave some detectable amount of residue;  this tends to increase with long periods of contact.  However, this particular type (gray / white mineral tack) leaves minimal residue.  It also remains more pliable for longer periods of time than other kinds of tack we have tried.

Usage tip:  Your mineral tack will last longer if your hands are clean when you handle it.  Dirt from the fingers tends to become embedded in the tack, darkening it and reducing its gripping qualities.  Specimen surfaces should also be as clean as possible for the same reason.


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