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CR Scientific - products for science, hobby, and education

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How To Order

Phone Orders

Our system is geared toward on-line ordering (please see below).  However, if your order is $50 or more and you need to place it by phone, please email us.

On-Line Orders

There is a $10 minimum for on-line orders

1.)   Simply add your items to the cart (click "Add to Cart") and then click "View Cart / Checkout" when you're ready to complete your order.

2.)  Choose Paypal to place a credit card order. 
3.)  It may ask you to sign up for a Paypal account. Then, enter your billing / shipping info and credit card details, and choose a username and password (if you are a new customer).  

That same Paypal account can be used with any on-line merchant that accepts Paypal.

Ordering with a Check or Money Order...

We accept US Postal Money orders (exact amount only) by mail.  The shopping cart has an option for mail-in orders and will provide you with the mailing address.

If you have any difficulty, please email us for assistance.

We do not accept personal checks.  However, we do accept company checks if we can verify your company or have been doing business with you.

Ordering with a Company Purchase Order...

Please see the Purchase Orders section, below.

Availability /
 Backorders / Out of Stock Items

Although every attempt is made to ensure timely delivery of orders, sometimes items go on backorder.   We stock many of the items that we sell;  however, even in this case, we sometimes sell out of an item before we get the chance to update the website to that effect.  Furthermore, some items are subject to temporary shortages that are beyond our control.

We therefore make no guarantees of delivery time.  Though we strive to fill all orders as quickly as possible, we cannot guarantee that an order will meet your delivery deadline. 

In all cases, the sole remedy shall be refund of purchase price.

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International Orders:

I.  ENGLAND / U.K. SHIPMENTS:  Goods shipped from the USA to ENGLAND seem to be handled by a private company called ParcelForce.  

We have shipped goods to numerous countries all over the world, but only in England have we had such problems getting packages delivered.  Parcel Force seems to make half-hearted attempts (at best) to deliver packages.  They then  place the burden of recovering the package completely on the customer, who then faces frustration, delays, and fuel expense.

PLEASE NOTE that you may or may not receive a customs invoice from Parcel Force.   This can create delays, sometimes of several weeks. We'll be glad to provide a label number, but you'll have to call Parcel Force. 

We have shipped Express Mail packages that were supposed to take 2-5 days to arrive to customers in England, but through ParcelForce they took more like 8-10 days.   Repeated attempts to locate the packages only resulted in Parcel Force insisting that we call the US Postal Service, even though tracking information showed that ParcelForce were indeed the ones who had the packages. 

Whatever Parcel Force is doing, they need to improve.

If you really want to risk the long delays we've experienced with Parcel Force , we'll ship to you, but you're on your own there.

Why is my International shipping quote so expensive?

Please note that we ship overseas by Priority Mail International or by Express Mail Service.  These start at around $30-$45.   (Sorry, but we do not set the rates charged by the US Postal Service.)  First Class International (FCI) is cheaper, but we prefer not to take the risk of shipping by this method.    FCI has no tracking number, making it easier for foreign delivery services to claim the package is still in the USA (etc.).    A tracking number at least prevents them from "passing the buck".   

The good news is that USPS rates are still much less than UPS / FedEx Express.  Overseas shipping rates on those services typically start at $150.

II. Restricted Countries

We're sorry, but due to the high incidence of credit card fraud, we do not ship to certain countries. Because the scammers have expanded their operations, we may exclude additional countries without further notice.

As of now, we cannot ship orders to any of the following places:
   Africa (all)
   China (People's Republic)
   Eastern Europe & Asia Minor (all)

We also do not ship to Iran, North Korea, or Syria.

III. Customs Delays and Fees

You are responsible for obtaining your package from your customs service.  That includes making any necessary phone calls to the appropriate postal agencies.  We cannot assist you with this.  We can provide you only with the label number, but beyond that, we have no other information.  

The label number of a First Class International package CANNOT be used as a tracking number.  It is only an aid to assist postal workers who have physical access to packages in your local post office.  We cannot provide you with any help or even advice to locate such packages.  If you want better tracking capability, please choose Priority Mail International.  Even then, all tracking & package recovery is up to you. 

If you want the most reliable way to receive packages internationally, please choose Express Mail Service (EMS).  It costs more but is extremely reliable (unless you're in England;  please see above).

We cannot reach into the workings of foreign postal services.  Once a package has left the United States, you are responsible for finding out who has the package.  Normally, this is a matter of making a few phone calls.  We're sorry, but we cannot make these calls for you.  (If you are in the UK, please call Parcel Force or use their web site;  we'll be glad to provide a label number at your request, but you'll have to take it from there).

You are also responsible for any and all customs duties and fees.

Please be advised that a few countries (e.g., Italy) can take as long as a couple of months to clear a package through customs.  There is nothing we can do to speed this process.

Please read this section again.  We cannot help you locate international packages, and we do not provide refunds for items lost in the mail. 

If an item is valuable and important to you, please consider paying the extra money for insured UPS or FedEx international shipping.  They handle all customs forwarding, making it more easy and reliable to receive your package in a timely manner.  It costs more to ship that way, but it provides more convenience and peace of mind.

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Price Quotes

For a quick price quote with shipping, simply add the desired items to your shopping cart and click "View Cart / Checkout".  The system will provide shipping quotes for several different shipping options, depending on your ZIP code.

For agencies and companies requiring formal price quotes, please contact us. Minimum order for these is $50.

Purchase Orders

I. Does your PO come with Terms and Conditions?   We cannot accept any purchase order "terms and conditions" which run contrary to our own Terms of Sale / Terms of Use.   (A summary of main points:  (1.) the sole remedy in any case shall be refund of actual purchase price of goods;  (2.) although we make every effort to provide goods according to desired timetables, we make no guarantees of such;  and (3.) buyer assumes total responsibility for handling, storage, and use / misuse of item(s).)

Please be advised that inclusion of contrary terms with your company's PO can delay (or cancel) the filling of your order. 

However, our filling an order shall in no way signify our acceptance of such terms, even if we fill your order without comment.  

All sales are governed by our Terms of Sale / Terms of Use.
Your sending us a Purchase Order will be taken to mean that your company / institution accepts and agrees to these.

If your company is very bureaucratic, consider buying the required merchandise yourself (i.e., personally) using a credit card if you have time constraints.   We cannot afford to jump through bureaucratic hoops on small orders, as this takes away from our service toward other customers. 

II. Minimum Purchase Order Amount:  Our minimum order for P.O.'s is currently  $100 (one-hundred U.S. dollars).

III.  Maximum Purchase Order Amount:   First-time PO's are limited to $300 US.  After we've dealt with your company or institution a couple times, we may extend the credit limit. 

Thanks for your understanding.

Please pre-pay for orders having a merchandise total of less than $100.

III.  Faxing a PO:

Please send correspondence by email.

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Return / Exchange Policy

Your satisfaction is very important to us. 

Most items have a 30-day money-back guarantee
Please email us for an RMA before sending anything back.   

Please note that there are no returns on consumables that have been opened / used.  These include microscope slides, cover slips, adhesives, carbon / charcoal products, pH / indicator papers, and test tubes.  We also do not accept returns on most glassware unless we have an established business relationship with you;  this is a safety issue, as we have no way to test for contamination.

Certain items, especially centrifuges and microscopes, have a 15% restocking fee.

Please see also our Return Shipping Policy.

  Shipping Damage:  we take great care to cushion fragile items so they'll withstand shipping.   Most of our packages can withstand considerable abuse while maintaining the contents intact.   That's because we use professional-quality methods and materials to keep your order safe in the mail.

In the unlikely event that an item arrives damaged from shipping, please notify us right away.  If possible, please provide a photo of any breakage.  This helps us determine whether there's anything in our packaging that needs improvement.  Our goal is zero breakage during shipping.

If your package was shipped with insurance (UPS, FedEx), it will have been insured.  Most Priority Mail packages are also insured.  

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Missing Part Policy

Q:  What recourse do I have if an item was stolen from my order?

A:  If you choose an insured shipping method (UPS or FedEx), you (or we) can file a claim with them to obtain reimbursement for the stolen item(s).  Most USPS Priority Mail orders also ship with insurance.

If you live or work in a place where a package is likely to get stolen from your porch, please write "SIGNATURE REQUIRED" in the comments section of your order.  We will ship the order that way.  You will need to have someone present to sign for it.  

It is your responsibility to have someone present when a package is delivered.  We cannot offer replacements for packages that were stolen from your porch (etc). 

Missing Parts

Background:  Fraudulent missing item / missing part claims have become a very common form of cyber-shoplifting.   This leads to increased costs for everyone else.

We have to take this into consideration when evaluating a missing part / missing item claim.  Generally, we do not issue replacement parts.  That's because we take extreme care to make sure every part is in the shipment at the time of packing.   Our packing process involves a checklist, where each item is checked against the order as it is put into the box.

The upright rod from our support stands is one of the most popular items on which to claim non-delivery.  We still don't know why.  We now take extra-special care to make sure there is exactly one rod per base.  We even reinforce cartons inside or out, to make sure the rods cannot break through during shipping.  

If you do receive a package and something was stolen out of it in the mail system, please be sure to report it to the Postal Inspector.  If you cannot contact them directly, speak to your local Postmaster.  Interference with the US Mail is generally taken seriously.

"Package Not Received" claims

If your tracking number or Delivery Confirmation Number indicates that the package was delivered to your address, then your order will be regarded as having been filled and correctly delivered.

In other words, we are not responsible for postal service errors, packages stolen from your front porch, and the like.  Please make sure you have someone home or otherwise make arrangements to accept the package.

I.  "Wrong House"

Our experience has been that wrong-house deliveries are rare.  They have happened only once or twice in all the time that we've been shipping orders.  Such errors would be expected to happen only if there's a new driver on the route.

If your package is showing as "delivered" on the tracking info, but you did not get it, the next step is for you to call your local post office.  There is no guarantee they'll be able to help, but if you're polite, friendly, and persistent, chances are that you can get someone to find out who was on that route.  You may even find out where the package was actually delivered.

If your neighbors are decent people, they'll call the post office if they get a wrong delivery.   Better yet, they'll call you.

If you ordered something to be sent by Parcel Post, please be advised that it can take up to 10 business days to arrive to destinations within the lower 48 states.

We will be glad to furnish tracking / delivery confirmation number for your order, but we cannot do much, if anything, to assist with "wrong house" deliveries.  Once again, if the delivery confirmation says it was delivered to the correct address, then the package will be assumed to have been delivered to the correct address. 

If you think your mail was genuinely stolen, contact the Postal Service.  Interference with the U.S. Mail is taken rather seriously.

II.  Internally Lost Packages

Several times we have had larger companies or organizations claim non-delivery of a package, when the tracking information showed the package was delivered.

Upon careful search by the customers, the packages were indeed found to have been misplaced after delivery by someone who worked in the building.  Sometimes it took them weeks or even months to find the package in their facility. 

Again, if tracking information shows the order has been delivered, the order will be considered to have been delivered.  We're sorry, but it is your responsibility to make sure packages don't get lost within your company / agency / facility.  WE DO NOT ISSUE REPLACEMENTS FOR "INTERNALLY LOST PACKAGES" UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. 

Return Shipping Policy

Buyer pays return shipping on returned or exchanged items, unless the return was our fault.

Even if the error was ours, please obtain return authorization before shipping anything back to us. 

Express Mail, Next Day Air, and other expedited-shipping costs are not refundable.

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