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Privacy, Security, and Fraud policy:

1.  Email and Data Privacy:  The Company will never sell your data to advertisers or third parties.  We may furnish data to appropriate law enforcement agencies in the event they demand it as part of an investigation. 

In the event that any item in our catalog must be sent directly to you by an outside company, your shipping address and phone number will be furnished to the supplier and freight carrier in order that the shipment can get to you.

Please do not send passwords or credit card information via email.  Regular email is not a secure form of communication.  CR Scientific LLC will never ask for such information via email.

2.  Cookies, Spyware, and Invasive Applets:  Our website does not utilize any type of "spyware" or other invasive applets. The only information we obtain is that which you, the customer, enter when making a purchase, signing up for the Newsletter, or otherwise contacting us. Please note that your real name and complete, verifiable address are required for security purposes when making a credit card purchase. 

Our site itself does not utilize or set cookies.  Our shopping cart provider uses them to remember what items you've chosen.  We do not have access to these cookies.  There are also cookies set by Paypal and Google Checkout, where applicable, during any portion(s) of the transaction involving their website(s).  We do not have access to these cookies, either.

The Company (see Definitions as outlined in Terms of Use) shall not be responsible for cookies or other tracking techniques used by third-party sites, including our payment processors.  We cannot control what other companies do, although we are in principle opposed to the use of tracking or data mining instruments to invade the privacy of individuals. 

CR Scientific LLC does not engage in data mining. 

The credit card information that you enter when making purchases in our shopping cart is transmitted via secure means (SSL encryption). This information is not revealed to any third parties** outside the Company and its payment processor / payment gateway.  It is not used in any way other than to process your transaction(s). Our shopping cart service provider is SecureNetShop; they are certified by Thawte, Inc.   The Company has no control over the policies and data-use practices of any third parties with which it deals;  however, the Company will not knowingly sell or offer customer data to any third party outside the confines of normal order processing and fraud investigation, unless a law enforcement agency requires such information.

3.  Fraudulent Websites and other Criminal Activity:  The Company disclaims any and all responsibility for the activities of persons or entities not in its direct control. 

It is up to the User to learn to avoid fraudulent websites, "phishing" scams, and other criminal tactics which may happen in connection with Internet access.  The User is expected to have an up-to-date antivirus program and/or network shield to protect his/her computer while using the Internet.

Because spammers, criminals, and other unsavory characters commonly fake or "spoof" email addresses, emails purporting to originate from the Company are not guaranteed to be authentic;  they may in fact originate from parties intending to deceive and defraud.  Malicious computer programs (viruses, etc.) can also falsify the originating email address.   In any event, the User must not give out passwords, banking, or credit card information via email.

Though every reasonable attempt is made to maintain data security, we disclaim any responsibility for consequences that may arise from security breach and/or data theft.  No electronic network is 100% crack-proof. 

We take data security seriously.  As a rule, we do not store customer credit card numbers.  Google Checkout and Paypal do not reveal customer card numbers to us at any time.

**It is the customer's responsibility to make sure his or her computer is free of viruses, spyware, or trojan horses that could compromise security at that end.  The best way to do this is get a virus scan / security suite program from one of the well-known manufacturers.   Run a full system scan periodically and make sure your virus definitions are up to date.  Also clean your system regularly with a comphrehensive spyware remover such as Spybot Search and Destroy (by Patrick Kolla) and / or AdAware (by LavaSoft).

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