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Loupes are great, but stereo microscopes are even better.  The stereo view has more apparent depth and just looks more natural.

The Dual-Mag has
superb optics for its low price and is ideal for 3-D viewing of objects such as artifacts, mineral specimens, fossils, insects, coins, stamps, and more. 

The LED model also has built-in white LED illumination.

• 10x wide-field (30 mm) eyepieces
• Binocular head rotates 360 degrees
• Acid & chemical-resistant finish
• 10x/30x magnification or 20x/40x magnification
• Pole mount allows for samples up to 4 inches in height
• Pole Stand model requires external illumination
• Lifetime manuf. warranty


Choose from Pole Stand model (no illumination) or LED Light model.

Paragon stereo microscope
(exact appearance may vary from photo)

Featuring sturdy construction and high-quality optics, the Dual Mag's relative low cost and ease of use make it well-suited for classroom use.

The dual eyepieces give a lifelike, three-dimensional view that cannot be obtained with a loupe.

Available with a 1x/3x turret, for an effective magnification of 10x/30x.
Models are also available in 2x/4x (for total mag. of 20x/40x);  please select when ordering.

(For microminerals, either turret model works well, but we prefer the 1x/3x turret.)

Additionally, a pair of 15x eyepieces can be purchased for this scope, allowing for 15x/45x overall magnification.

Dual-Mag w/ Pole Stand
No illumination;  you supply your own light source (one of these will provide the best results.)

List Price: $349
Our Price:  $299

Turret magnification


Dual-Mag w/ LED Light Stand
Has built-in LED illumination;  no need to use an external light source.

List Price:  $399
Our Price:  $349

Turret magnification


15x Eyepieces...................$72
Price is per pair of eyepieces.  Also fits the Achiever and Paragon stereo microscopes.



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