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We have recently become aware that Texas has some kind of "drug precursor" law or regulation which requires a permit to own boiling flasks, erlenmeyer flasks, distilling apparati, filter flasks, adapter tubes, and the like.   The permit is administered by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).


While we believe this regulation is misguided at best, we cannot advise anyone to break the law.  Texas residents, please contact your state representatives and tell them that the regulation should be repealed.  Please also contact members of the US Senate and House of Representatives to prevent this kind of regulation from surfacing elsewhere.

The glassware regulation is an example of well-meaning but misguided legislation that simply goes too far.

Texas customersBy placing an order for lab glassware with us, you signify that you have obtained the necessary permit to receive and own the glassware. 

If we have any reason to believe you do not have this permit, we will not be able to ship your order until you obtain the permit.

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