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TriField Broadband Meter
- this is the same meter featured in an episode of the new television show, "Mythquest", where a researcher flies into the Bermuda Triangle looking for anomalous EM fields.

Manufactured by Alphalab, Inc., this excellent meter has a number of uses:

• Teaching Demonstrations
• Detection of Amateur Radio and Surveillance signals
• Finding high-EMF areas in the Home, Workplace, or Bermuda Triangle
• Testing TV & Computer Monitor emissions
• Checking Microwave Ovens for leakage
• Measuring fields near Power Lines
• General Experimentation

The TriField Broadband Meter can detect radio frequency all the way from 100 KHz up to 2.5 GHz in power levels as low as 0.026 milliwatts per square centimeter; it can measure AC magnetic fields up to 100 milligauss (with an alternate setting of 0-3 milligauss for higher precision); and it can measure AC electric fields up to 100 kilovolts per meter.

Unlike the standard TriField meter, the "Broadband" model shown here can detect AC electromagnetic fields all the way down to 5 Hz. (The standard meter's sensitivity goes no lower than 50 Hz.) 

It is surprising what one can find with this meter. Did you ever think light bulbs could put out dangerous electric fields? Usually they don't, but we found one on a dimmer circuit that was giving off a field of up to 25 kilovolts / meter (measured about 1/4 inch from the  bulb). Even at head level, the field was still 8 to 10 kV/m, well above the threshold of 1 kV/m where some studies suggest that biological effects begin to occur.

Every school science lab should have the TriField Broadband Meter... we recommend it very highly! (we may eventually write a few experiments for use with this meter, but there are many that the user can devise as well).

The unit is powered by a standard 9-volt rectangular battery.

This item is usually in stock but may have a lead time of 1-2 weeks otherwise.

TriField Broadband Meter................$175
Usual retail price: $190. Shipping Weight: 0.9 lbs.
*TriField is a registered trademark of W.B. Lee.


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